19 March 2013

Fun library videos

Last week I posted a librarian workout video. After the post my fingers went walking through YouTube and found more librarian videos. As I was watching them I couldn't help wondering what going to happen to libraries as we move more & more into the digital age. I know a lot of libraries have eBook lending sites, but growing up there I always enjoyed going to the library, browsing the shelves, the feeling of being in a place where books & learning were valued. I also wondered not just about the libraries but about the librarians, once things go digital what happens to the people. You can't just wonder over to the reference desk & ask someone to help you find what you need. I guess Google does that now...

As an (admittedly tongue in cheek) honorary week for libraries and the librarians therein, I'll be posting one video each day for the rest of the week. 

First: The Two Ronnies - The Confusing Library (1983)

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