20 December 2012

Homemade Grapefruit Marmalade

So, guess what I spent the weekend doing? That's right the jars on orange goo are the clue. I made marmalade. A friend at work had a whole lot of grapefruit that she didn't know what to do with... but I did :)

There's something about homemade marmalade. I think it's that I like grapefruit rather than orange, and most of the stuff you buy is at least partially orange. It's such a marvelous combination of bitter & sweet. It's a somewhat time consuming activity, but it's also so very simple. The chopping of the fruit and the boiling all takes time. However, ingredients not complicated: fruit, sugar, water... yes that's it. Mix, boil, bottle... eat. 


This is my last post until the new year, so have a merry Christmas & a happy New year.

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