19 September 2011

bathtime books

Book Gossip: Who hasn't been late for work because they just couldn't put that book down? Who hasn't wished for a reading stand and a waterproof book so they could wash and read at the same time?

Well, the waterproof book is here (although the selection of titles is somewhat limited. I guess the reading in the shower crowd is limited). Currently waterproof books are used mainly by divers and foul-weather hikers, but things may be about to change. Soon, if the title you're after is on offer there'll no reason not to sink neck deep in bubbles in the tub and enjoy a good read. Or maybe it'll a chance to read to your kids during bath time and not worry about splashes.

The new wetable books are made from plastic resins and inorganic fibers, not wood-based paper.
Melcher Media, a New York-based publisher, is promoting books that are manufactured using a technology it calls "Durabooks." Other technology uses a clear wax sealant to prevent ink running and to stop pages getting soggy and tearing. The tough polymer coating is also tear-resistant.

Rumors say waterproof books will hit the shelves next year. With eBooks taking a greater & greater share of the book market there needs to be a good reason for people to buy the hard-copy - maybe this is it. Of course, now all they need is a waterproof eReader and I'm set :)

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