16 June 2011

brain exhaustion

I've been working so much lately my brain feels like it's leaking out my ears, and not on my writing unfortunately. My day job has been a bit of a menace on that front. So I'm afraid I have no cunning or clever post for the week (in as much as they ever are :) 
Instead I have a silly cartoon for you from xkcd.

As a side note, I've been re-watching the first series of Alias. I only saw the first series & a 1/2 last time round, but I gather the later series rather jumped the shark. Nonetheless, I've been enjoying my re-watching. Something I've noticed about the writing as it goes on is that the writers have huge skill at ending each episode on a cliffhanger. Even if as you watch the episode you're feeling a bit blah, by the time the end comes round you have to watch the next episode. Yet next episode they take the extream situation and wrap it up neatly in the first 5 minutes :)

It's a skill that works really well on TV, draws the views back each week. However, I find that technique in books (cliffhangers end of each chapter) is rather annoying. Oh a few are good, drive the tension, too many and it gets annoying.

What are your feelings on cliffhangers?

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