05 October 2010

Cover Model

So you've picked up a new book and you're staring at the cover. Something catches your attention, you take a closer look. You've seen the guy on the cover before. You think for a moment then remember you've seen him on another cover, although you're sure hie eyes were a different color on that one. Suddenly he's not just a picture, and you wonder at the man behind the cover.

Cover cafe has an interview with Jason Baca. It also talks to a couple of the cover designers who used his images about the process of coming up with the covers and why they chose him.

There's a bit of a bio, what he does to stay "cover ready", info about photo shoots. There are also a few more photos. So if you've ever wondered about the men who appear on romance covers - here's your chance to find out this one. I was going to pick out bits and share them with you, but the article isn't that long and probably more interesting to read the whole thing.

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