23 September 2009


I'm back from Australia and already missing not being on holiday - isn't that always the way.

We went to South Australia (Adelaide, Barossa Valley, & McLaren Vale). Had a beautiful time. The weather was superbly kind to us, as was the wine.

I liked this picture - vines as far as the eye can see :) We tried some of the wonderful, full Shiraz that this region is famous for. The full fruity Barossa variety and the more earthy McLaren Vale ones.
As you can see from the picture the vines are only just into bud burst and not as green and lush as they'll be later in the year. Not sure what varietal these vines are, although I'm a fan of Shiraz it's not all they produce.

I liked this picture as well. A semi-sunken courtyard. You get the sun in winter, and a fantastic sunshade in summer when the vines get their leaves.

I'll leave you with that last picture while I get back to catching up on all the things that have built up in my absence.

Music: Sneaky Sound System
Currently reading: 'Hawkspar' by Holly Lisle
Stand alone but set in the same world as 'Talyn'. Some wonderful fantasy worldbuilding. I re-read 'Talyn' before starting this one and I couldn't tell you which I prefered.


A Muser said...

Love the picture of the vines, Grant Burge was it?... ;)

LouiseD said...

how did you guess :)