18 November 2008

After about a week of feeling like I was dragging my feet, or more accurately my brain, through mud when I tried to write, I'm finally starting to feel more perky. Only now I'm struggling to find the time, my minutes are being eroded to the point where I'm struggling to get any words down on the page.

I'm currently working on a novella but I keep thinking of places where I would just love to say more - the characters keep letting me in on more of their secrets. After some debate I've decided to stick with my original target length rather than re-work at this point. You know, actually finish it. Then see how I feel once I've written those fateful words; The End.

Music: Air
Reading: Goddess by Fiona McIntosh
This is the third and final in the series. Fiona McIntosh has had me since Myrren's Gift, her previous series. I picked it up completely at random with no idea what it was about and was very pleasantly surprised. Of her three series so far it remains my favourite.
Mood: Is stuck at work a mood? I'm stuck at work playing with numbers instead of working with the words for my WIP

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